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Illustrator & Printmaker Duo Occult Illustrations & Hand Printed Adornments

Illustrator & Printmaker Duo Occult Illustrations & Hand Printed Adornments

Illustrator & Printmaker Duo Occult Illustrations & Hand Printed AdornmentsIllustrator & Printmaker Duo Occult Illustrations & Hand Printed Adornments

Proudly conspiring with You.

 Blial Cabal respectfully considers all commission proposals and encourages you to inquire.
Past commission works include T-Shirt Design, Album Art (All Formats), Band Fonts & Logos, Flyer & Poster Design, Invitations, Small Business Branding, Tattoo Design and so much more! 


"Prodigious Devourer" Diptych

12 X 18  Book Illustration for Howl Books' Devils Reign III: DAIKAIJU book. 2017 


"The Psalter MMXVII" Triptych

8 X 15 Triptych for Mizmor's - The Psalter MMXVII: Five-Year Commemorative Discography (Cover Art) 2017



10 X 20 Hell, Self Titled LP (Cover Art) 2017 


A Thousand Skulls Zine
Ashen Pyre
Acid Enema

Anathema Publishing LTD
Ash Borer
Arria Paetus

Bedlam & Squalor
Catapult The Dead

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
Chop Shop
Compilation of Death Zine

Doodle Kev
Drought Year

Dudu Faruke

Elder Devil
Endless Yawn

Fable Coffee

Fall of Man Publishing

GoodTimes - Grass Valley
Graven Earth Records
Grim Wreather
Hell - MSW (Lower Your Head)
Howl Books

Kursed Apparel
Masturbatory Dysfunction
Manifest Your Thoughts In Glass

Midnite Collective
Mizmor - ALN (Wholly Doomed Black Metal)

Mourning Light Divination - Spiritual Services

Nephilim's Noose

New Skeletal Faces

Only Death Is Real Productions (O.D.I.R.)
Out Of Step Books
Primitive Knot
Raw Blues From Hell (RAW)
Reaching Out Against Recidivism (R.O.A.R.)
Ritual Revival
Ritual Threads
Spiderweb Tattoo
Soul Maggot

Sugar Town Sweet Shoppe

Void Cellars
Whoredom Rife

Worst Case Scenario

Thinking about inquiring?

Please use the Contact link at the top of the page. Try to be specific and detailed in your message. We will respond with an price estimate and our booking schedule. 


Pricing is determined by size, level of detail, and purpose for the commission illustration. You will be presented with an estimate upon booking.